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Graduate School Alumni Association

Graduate School Alumni Association

The Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) is the alumni organization for the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Its purpose is to represent and advance the interests of GSAS alumni, to promote scholarship and research at the graduate level, and to encourage interaction and communication among GSAS alumni with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The GSAA is governed by a Council of 42 GSAS alumni/ae, with Donald R. Van Deventer, PhD '77 business economics, serving as chair. All GSAA members are former GSAS students, visiting fellows, Nieman fellows, junior fellows, or special students.

Through fundraising programs, GSAA channels alumni gifts to students and departments of the Graduate School. Under the auspices of the GSAA, yearly events such as Alumni Weekend and Career Options Panels are organized in Cambridge. GSAA Chapters sponsor or co-sponsor numerous local events throughout the year and around the world.

The Graduate School Alumni Association also sponsors the Graduate Society Fellowship Program. This program offers fellowship support to students at key stages of graduate study to enable more timely completion of their degrees. Funded by alumni of the Graduate School and the Graduate School Fund, these fellowships are available for students in the humanities and social sciences departments without comparable special funding.

Colloquy, the GSAA quarterly magazine is mailed to all alumni and features articles about alumni, faculty, and graduate students. Information concerning alumni events and a report from the GSAS Dean are included. GSAS alumni are welcome to submit information for Alumni Notes and Alumni Book Notes. See Colloquy for more information.

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