(GSAS and Harvard Research Center Fellowships with a Research or Completion Option)

 Please read the appropriate cover sheet and all of the application instructions carefully for each fellowship opportunity.

      ** Please note that the AY 2015-2016 stipend is set at $26,800 plus tuition and health fees at $6,200. Payments are in a 10-month installment beginning August 1.


Download the instructions and checklist for the standard application for DCF.

Download advisor confirmation form for DCF.


Students applying to one or more of the research centers should submit completed applications directly to each research center by the appropriate deadline. Applicants for the Radcliffe Fellowships and the Humanities Center Mellon Interdisciplinary Fellowships should follow GSAS application procedures.  Submit directly to the individual's department by the department deadline, which varies and is earlier.  For a listing of fellowship opportunities, consult the Graduate Guide to Grants interactive database.