The Graduate Guide to Grants is an annual publication prepared by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate Guide to Grants is a searchable database available to GSAS students. It is specifically designed to assist graduate students in locating grants and fellowships that are applicable to the wide range of fields represented in the arts and sciences. Most of the grants listed are to support specific research projects (usually dissertation research), although some support the earlier stage of graduate study during course work. Still others support further language study.

Note that the Guide is not a comprehensive listing of all existing graduate fellowships. Rather, it takes a practical orientation, listing those fellowships likeliest to be relevant to a critical segment of the GSAS population, and omitting those fellowships whose purpose is very narrow or only tangentially related to the arts and sciences or highly restricted in terms of eligibility. Similarly, fellowships available to international students through their home country are not included, especially those fellowships only intended for students of the home country and not publicized abroad. Also bear in mind that postdoctoral fellowships are presented in a separate guide, the Harvard Guide to Postdoctoral Fellowships. For additional databases that you may wish to consult, see the list below.

Tips for searching the database are included within the database.

Reminder: For advice and samples of winning fellowship proposals, see Scholarly Pursuits.

Note: There are a number of fellowship competitions for Harvard University students only. These are listed in the Graduate Guide to Grants, but are also presented with sample applications and further details on application procedures on the Fellowships For Harvard Students website.

Additional online fellowship databases are available; the following are some that you may wish to consult:

Office of Graduate Affairs at the University of Chicago, provides links to selected institutions that maintain fellowship databases

Cornell University Graduate School Fellowship Database

Notre Dame Graduate Fellowships Database

New York University Grants in Graduate Studies

Simon Fraser University Graduate Awards Database

UCLA Graduate and Postdoctoral Extramural Support