These seminars for graduate students will be committed to the discussion, development, and design of new and innovative undergraduate courses appropriate for the new General Education curriculum in Harvard College. Graduate students will actively engage with faculty to consider central conceptual and analytic themes, course design, and pedagogy, as well as other important decisions in the development and implementation of courses in general education. Faculty interested in developing new courses will now have the opportunity to first offer a graduate seminar in which all the essential questions of course design will be carefully assessed.

These seminars, which graduate students will take for credit, will address the fundamental intellectual, conceptual, and methodological issues at stake in the design of a General Education course.

Working closely with the faculty member, students will analyze appropriate readings, primary materials, laboratory work, as well as theoretical themes that will be pursued under the eight newly developed Gen Ed rubrics. In addition, faculty and students will consider alternative pedagogic strategies, teaching techniques and technologies, as well as the development of applicable research, writing, and evaluation skills. The Graduate Seminars in General Education will provide faculty and graduate students an excellent setting to explore broadly how best to bring new interdisciplinary scholarship and critical thinking into the course development process.

Interested graduate students should consult the current list of seminars and contact the specific faculty members for more information, and then check with their home departments about whether these courses will fulfill requirements for relevant graduate degrees.

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