Diversity at GSAS

Minority Students

Improving the academic experience for all members of the community


In order to improve the academic experience for all members of the community, GSAS is committed to enrolling a student body that represents the ethnic and cultural diversity of contemporary society.

For many minority students, the W.E.B. Du Bois Graduate Society (named for the first African-American to receive the Harvard PhD) has been a critical link between themselves and other students. The Society was founded with one fundamental purpose in mind: minimizing the frustration and isolation commonly associated with graduate school. It sponsors numerous activities such as orientation meetings, student-faculty panels, and social events.

Students of color find academic and social support through many student organizations, and the Office of Student Affairs sponsors a number of events and activities which enhance the achievement of common goals by members of Harvard's minority community.

Smooth Transitions and Perspectives (for prospective applicants) are two publications that help keep minority students in touch with University resources and with each other.

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