You can take steps to enhance career opportunities both inside and outside academia.

Developing professional skills and building a career may seem like tasks for the future. But even now, steps may be taken to enhance career opportunities both inside and outside academia. The University provides a range of professional services to supplement the advice and resources within your department. This support is made available through the combined efforts of three key offices

These offices recognize that students must determine their own career paths and may not yet know where they will lead, but they invite you begin the process early and to match their services to your needs as they arise.


Professional development advice in written form

Scholarly Pursuits: A Guide to Professional Development During the Graduate Years by Cynthia Verba, offers advice on all aspects of professional development in preparation for an academic career and for enhancing PhD career opportunities more generally. It also includes samples of winning fellowship proposals, as well as CVs and cover letters for job applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Scholars at Work: An Overview of the Academic Profession

Chapter II: Views from Minorities in Academe

Chapter III: The Doctoral Program and Professional Development: Planning and Setting Priorities

Chapter IV: Finishing the Doctoral Degree in a Timely Fashion: The Dissertation as a Key Factor

Chapter V: Grantsmanship in Support of Study or Research: Writing a Fellowship Proposal or Statement of Purpose

Chapter VI: Publishing Scholarly Works

Chapter VII: Beyond The Doctoral Program: Applying For Teaching Positions

Chapter VIII: Beyond The Graduate Program: Applying For Postdoctoral Fellowships and Other Research Positions in the Field of the Ph.D.

Appendix A: Guide For Teaching Fellows on Writing Letters of Recommendations

Appendix B: Two Essays on Writing Fellowship Proposals: SSRC, NEH