I. Introduction to GSAS

Harvard and Radcliffe and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Officers of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Administrative Board
Committee on Graduate Education
Graduate Policy Committee
Academic Council for Inter-Faculty PhD Programs

II. Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2014-15
Degree Calendar 2014-15
Degree Calendar 2015-16
Future Academic Calendars
Storm and Emergency Conditions

III. Admission to Degree Programs

Admission to Degree Programs
Application for Readmission
Transfer to a Different Degree or Department
Change of Subject

IV. Academic Programs

Degree Programs
Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) Program
Ad Hoc Degree Programs
AB-AM, AB-SM Programs
Programs Offered in Conjunction with Other Faculties
MD-PhD Simultaneous Degree Program
JD/PhD Coordinated Program
Exchange Scholar Program
Special Student Status
Visiting Fellow Status
Harvard Summer School
Harvard Extension School
Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CITESOL)

V. Registration and Enrollment

Registrar’s Office
Registration Categories
Resident Students
Registration for Resident Students
Cross-Registration into Courses Offered by Other Faculties
Registration in Two Harvard Schools
Variations in Program
The Grading System
Grade and Examination Requirements
Credit for Graduate Work Done Elsewhere
Non-Resident Students
Involuntary Leaves of Absence
Lapsed Registration and Degree Candidacy
G-10 Enrollment Cap
Transcripts and Statements
FERPA and Access to Student Records
Privacy and Directory Information

VI. Degree Requirements

Common Requirements
Satisfactory Progress Requirements
Exceptions to the Requirements
Adjustment to Department G-Year
Departmental Requirements
Secondary Fields
Oral English Language Requirement
Application for Degree
Dissertation Acceptance Certificate

VII. Regulations and Standards of Conduct

General Regulations
Resolution on Rights and Responsibilities
The Administrative Board of the Graduate School
The Student-Faculty Judicial Board
Commission of Inquiry

Academic Standards
Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
Violation of Examination Rules
Submission of Written Work
Submission of the Same Work to More Than One Course
Exclusion from a Course

Campus Property
Use of Computers and Networks
Use of Computer and Network Facilities
Privacy of Electronic Information
Access to Electronic Information
Electronic Communication
GSAS Student Email Accounts
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
Identification Cards
Library Policies
Responsibilities of Library Users

Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademarks
Intellectual Property and Copyrighted Materials
Participation Agreement
Trademarks and “Use-of-Name” Regulations

Public and Personal Safety
Discrimination and Harassment
Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls
Missing Persons Policy
Policies Regarding Drugs and Alcohol
Policies Regarding Hazing
Fire Safety Regulations
Fire Emergency Procedures
Bomb Scares
Firearms, Explosives, Combustible Fuels, Firecrackers, and Dangerous Weapons

VIII. Financial Aid and Requirements

General Information
Financial Aid Officers
Director of Fellowships
Tuition and Fees
Tuition Requirements for GSAS Degree Candidates
Tuition Associated with Mid-Term Withdrawal
Teaching Fellowships
Payment of University Obligations
Dishonored Checks and E-Payments
Regulations Regarding Employment

IX. Family Support and Benefits

Accommodation for Childbirth or Other Family Needs: Adjusting the Department G-Year
Harvard Spousal Benefits
Child Care
Harvard University Student Health Program
Harvard Student Spouses and Partners Association (HSSPA)
GSAS Student-Parents Organization
Harvard International Office Resources

X. Directory of Resources


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