As a new academic year begins I extend a most cordial welcome to you. If you are a newcomer to Harvard, this handbook will give you a general introduction to the Graduate School and help you to get acquainted with its history, organization, degree programs, regulations, services, and many other details of interest and importance. If you are returning to a familiar setting, you will find that this handbook is designed to serve as a regularly updated source of reference for many purposes, in particular academic policies and procedures.

Supplementary information is provided in other publications and web resources from the Graduate School and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Registrar’s Office. However, as no publication can offer exhaustive coverage, let alone answers to all questions, please keep in mind that the Dean’s Office, the Office of Student Affairs, the Admissions and Financial Aid office, and departmental directors of graduate studies are all available for personal consultation.

My best wishes for a productive year.

Xiao-Li Meng, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences