Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers the following degrees: the master of arts (AM), master of science (SM), master of engineering (ME) and the doctor of philosophy (PhD) in 56 divisions, departments, and committees, from African American studies to systems biology, including 17 interfaculty programs.

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Non Degree Programs

GSAS offers two options for study within a non-degree program, the Special Student status and the Visiting Fellow status.

Special Student status is available to individuals who have sound reasons for not wishing to enter a degree program, who hold the bachelor's degree or its equivalent, and are able to present evidence of fitness for admission at the graduate level.

Persons holding the doctoral degree (or its equivalent), or those with comparable professional experience, may apply for Visiting Fellow status. This status is also open to advanced doctoral candidates who have completed all required coursework and would like to pursue dissertation research at Harvard.

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