The graduate FLAS fellowships promote foreign language competence and international world area knowledge by ensuring the continuance of area expertise in a variety of fields, including academe.

The FLAS Fellowship is an annual competition designed to finance graduate study in foreign languages and appropriately related area studies. Applications will be available online and at the GSAS financial aid office, and are due by January 15, 2016 for continuing students and December 31, 2015 for prospective students. The FLAS is a one-year award. Students must compete annually for additional years of FLAS support. Prior FLAS support does not guarantee or preclude additional support from future competitions. All awards are contingent upon the university receiving annual fellowship funding from the Department of Education.

The FLAS Fellowship competition is open to US citizens and permanent residents whose academic interests involve studies in  East Europe, Africa or the Middle East. Approved programs may be interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary and must always include study or research in an approved language of the area of specialization.

Nominees and alternates are selected by a World Area Committee composed of faculty representatives from each of the priority fields of study and languages. All FLAS nominees will be required to complete a 2016-2017 FAFSA prior to actual award decision. Each nominee must be approved by the US Department of Education before the Fellowship can be finalized. Subject to US Department of Education approval, Academic year FLAS Fellowships may be utilized domestically or overseas for language and area studies. Academic year FLAS awards may also be used for overseas dissertation research provided the student is at the advanced level of language proficiency. The use of language in overseas dissertation research must be extensive enough to be able to consider the foreign language improvement facilitated by the research equal to the improvement that would be obtained from a full academic year's worth of formal instruction. Fellowships require affiliation with an academic institution or organization approved by the Department of Education.


NOTE:  The application for East Europe FLAS Fellowships is an online process managed by the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Please see

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