Are you considering a PhD? Live at Harvard for the summer, work alongside Harvard faculty and graduate students, and enjoy firsthand access to the amazing resources of this university. Our summer program will connect you with first-class researchers working in fields in the life and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Summer Research Opportunities at Harvard is a summer program offered for currently enrolled undergraduates from across the country who are considering pursuing a PhD in the humanities, social sciences, or life/physical sciences; who have already had at least one summer (or equivalent term-time) of research experience; and who have taken at least one upper-level course in their field of study. US citizenship or permanent residency is required. The program structure can be viewed here.

In addition to the program-specific activities described below, participants will have the opportunity to interact with undergraduates from other summer programs, as well as with administrators, graduate students, and faculty from across the University. SROH is a partnership between the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Senior Vice Provost Office for Faculty Development and Diversity (FD&D), and the Leadership Alliance Consortium.


SROH Application Process

Application for the SROH Program is through the Leadership Alliance Summer Research-Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) online application. Application submission and other details can be found at

Registration begins November 1, 2015 and the deadline for submission of application is February 1, 2016.

2016 Program Dates

June 6–August 11 (tentative)

Program Activities

SROH includes the following activities:

  • Placement in faculty research groups in Cambridge spanning fields in the life and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students in the life sciences should visit this website to find out more about the possible research opportunities with faculty in the Molecules Cells and Organisms Training Program.
  • Weekly faculty lectures from departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) divisions, held jointly with students enrolled in the Harvard summer research programs.
  • Weekly group meeting discussions on student research projects and a range of career and professional development topics.
  • Participation in the Leadership Alliance National Symposium (dates to be determined). Visiting student status includes housing with residential proctor; library privileges; athletics privileges; access to summer activities such as field trips, music, etc.

Room, Board, and Stipends

Students in the program will live in Harvard-affiliated housing. The program will provide all research and course-related expenses, room, travel to and from the program, and typically, a stipend of $3,500 and a food allowance of $1500. Students participating in MARC or similar programs that provide summer support are welcome to apply. Students are required to participate for the full period of the program.

Faculty Mentors for Students Interested in the Social Sciences and Humanities

We are currently in the process of identifying potential faculty mentors in the Social Sciences and Humanities for Summer 2015. Areas we hope to cover include Economics, Education, Government, History, Law, Literature, Psychology, Public Policy, Religion, Social Policy and Sociology. We will have definite placements in Environmental Humanities and Medical Humanities. If there are specific faculty you might be interested in working with, whether in the above areas or in other fields, please indicate this on your application.

Contact Information

Email inquiries about the SROH program are welcome; contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.