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Fruitful Connections

April 11, 2015. The day showcased the intellectual work conducted at Harvard by leading members of the faculty, and included a keynote address titled “The Sustainocene: Energy for All” delivered by Daniel G. Nocera, Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy. Three of the sessions highlighted the connections between faculty and their graduate students, in particular their collaborations as researchers, course developers, and authors.

Global GSAS: An Evening with Professor Kenneth Rogoff in London

January 15, 2015. The Graduate School Alumni Association invites you to join us for a GSAS Global event, "Rethinking the Global Currency System" delivered by Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy.

University Professor Gary King in Washington DC

December 5, 2014. The Graduate School Alumni Association invites you to join us for a talk titled "Reverse-Engineering Censorship in China" delivered by Professor Gary King Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor at Harvard University and Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science in Washington, DC.

How Harvard Changed Comedy. An evening with Deputy Editor of Harvard Magazine, Craig Lambert AB ’69, PhD ’78

November 6, 2014. Join the Harvard Alumni Association for an evening exploring Harvard’s illustrious—and hilarious—comedic history with the Deputy Editor of Harvard Magazine and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences alumnus, Craig Lambert AB ’69, PhD ’78. With many comic examples, Lambert explores how Harvard comedy writers revolutionized American humor, moving it from the slapstick Carol Burnett era to the sardonic, offbeat world of David Letterman and Jon Stewart.

Save the Date: Celebration of the Study of Religion at Harvard

April 10, 2015.  Join us to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the PhD in religion at Harvard University. We are planning exciting faculty symposia to will feature presentations both on the historical context of the study of religion at Harvard as well as discussions about the future of the discipline. The PhD program in religion at Harvard dates from 1934, when the Faculty of Arts and Sciences established a degree of PhD in "The History and Philosophy of Religion". Its purpose, as stated by the Faculty, was "to make possible a course of studies which shall enable the candidate both to lay a broad and sufficient foundation for teaching and study within the field of religion, and to do individual research at some point in that field". In accordance with that expressed intention, the Faculty voted in 1963 to name the program The Study of Religion.